You have chosen wisely... the Dragon's Path is the surest, most illuminating passage through any forest... the path less traveled.

All our walking staffs are hand-crafted from select hardwoods in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. Because they are fashioned individually, of natural materials, every one is unique. The 'non-slip' grip is oil finished for a comfortable feeling in your hand. Each comes complete with a hand-strap and a metal tip, ready to take along on your adventures...

The walking staff is an important piece of equipment for hikers, back-packers, trekkers and anyone who spends time walking outdoors. Sometimes called the eleventh essential by guides, outfitters and experienced adventurers, a walking staff is a traditional part of the outdoor experience. The Dragon's Path walking staffs are lightweight and durable; both functional and beautiful!

Work directly with our shop to design a completely personal staff. Choose your own pattern, finish, and motif to create a cherished gift to present on a special occasion like graduation, promotion or retirement. Present one to yourself simply because you deserve the best!

Our four standard models are...

Modestly carved, shaped non-slip grip, simple carved design above and below grip. $45 to $50.

Fully patterned, carved design above and below grip and most of shaft. $60 to $75.

Detailed carving full length of staff, animal or plant form. $85 to $100.

Highly embellished, highly detailed carving, extensively worked and personalized. $125 and up.

The hobbyist may order a blank staff, in your choice of wood, turned to basic shape, desired length and grip. A handstrap and metal tip will be included.

Canes with handles can also be made.

The Dragon's Path guarantees our products to be free of defects in material or workmanship. Because they are handcrafted of natural materials, variations will occur making each one a unique piece. Should you have any problems, please contact us directly.

We will not be liable for any misuse or abuse of our products.

Normal lead time is 6-8 weeks, an upcharge for rush orders of 25% of total price will be added.
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